Efsane Maraton...

The above-mentioned range of the vehicle, with full charge , is the distance 1 person will travel in dry air, on non-ramp ground . This range will be reduced in weather conditions and bumpy roads, such as overloading.

Battery60V/20A X5
Charging Time6-8 hours
Electrical Input110V/220 50Hz
Consumption1 k.w (100km)
Range40 KM
GearGeri Vitesli
Climbing Angle15 ° Degrees
Max. Torque80N.m
Max. Speed (km/h)25 km/h
Braking Method (Front/Rear)Manually
Tire (Front/Rear)14*2.5x(14*2.5)
Max Loading Capacity (Kg)150
Dimensions L-W-H (mm)1800X620X1130MM
Wheelbase (mm)1200
Brake Type (Front/Rear)Disc (Drum)
Weight (Kg)82